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Chain Link Fence Installation & Repair

Improve Your Security with a Chain Link Fence Installation near Orange, CT

Chain link fences are a relatively common fencing choice, and for a good reason. They provide excellent security, are affordable, and are relatively low maintenance. Get chain link fence installation and repair for your home by contacting Walsh Fence. Bill and his team will provide you with excellent, high-quality work and reliable customer service. If you’re looking for one of the best chain link fence companies in the Orange, CT area, then call now.

Walsh Fence is Ready to Handle Your Chain Link Fence Repair

There’s always the unfortunate possibility that your fence will end up damaged. Maybe there’s a chink in the chain link. Or, perhaps some of the links have broken entirely. If you need chain link fence repair, then trust Bill and his team to make sure your fence is as good as new.

Work with a Trusted Chain Link Fence Company

Walsh Fence offers chain link fence installation and repair to the following locations:


  • Orange, CT 
  • Stamford, CT 
  • Norwalk, CT 
  • Fairfield, CT 
  • Trumbull, CT 
  • New Haven, CT 
  • Guilford, CT 
  • Hamden, CT

Get a gate installed when you install your new fence—call today in order to get more details. A 10% discount is available to first responders and medical personnel.

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